Sunday, 28 October 2012

Catching up!


Today i went to the Sunday Pasar Tani at the Shah Alam Stadium for the first time after being absent for almost 2 month. Being away for that long means i have not been cooking too for the family at home for that long. Went to the stadium late, which is not normal for me but on second thought, people are still  on holiday , the crowd will not be there & i don't have to worry about parking .

True enough! There were plenty of space for parking, the allocated spaces for the stalls were empty especially the meat vendors. Off course, its Eid Adha, most people would be slaughtering cows or goats/lamb in the city or had gone home to the Kampungs .

Even my favorite fish monger was not there and so were the fruit stalls. It was so quiet and i was not in the mood to do my shopping. How ever i bought some prawns &squids & promfret for Nora Mahbob, a friend who new that i was going and wanted to "tumpang". From just the 3 items she added ubi kayu, and  also bananas for frying to the list. I was screaming on the phone, wooi! is it my shopping list or your list that i have to follow. You wanna me get for you the ulam ulam & vegetables?" She just laughed it off. Off course i don't mind, i love going to the market. Since i did not buy anything except for kalamansi lime & chilli paid, the rest were all for  Nora's list.

I drove straight to her place  and later we went out to look for breakfast. We have not see each other for a while and its nice to catch up on stories about  work, family & friends.

Shah Alam is very quiet during Public Holidays. Most of the shops were closed and i recommended her a place that will definitely be opened, that is Pappa Rich not Pipah Rich ya, he he he. Insyaallah , i want to be rich one day. Anyway, Nora was not in the mood for those kind of food. She wanted Nasi Kerabu and i said only in a Kelantan restaurant you can find them and knowing its Eid Adha, the Kelantanese will celebrate in a big scale and you will not find the shops open after only 2 days. From her home we went to Taman TTDI Jaya, 3 shops were closed, then round near the Bukit Jelutong, pass section 13 area another 3 restaurant that would serve some good breakfast were also closed. Then she suggested Bahagia restaurant near section 3,  which is famous for Nasi lemak & Roti Canai. So while driving and upon reaching the place Nora was looking at me afraid that the shop will be closed and she knew i would make a lot of noise. Ha ha ha, it was so funny! The shop was opened and she was relieved. So it was a good breakfast of nasi lemak, she also wanted roti canai which she forced me to have 1 also and we had nice lovely hot char kueh & kueh kasturi. Just before we left she received a call from her good kampung mate that her sister just passed away due to asthma. It was so sad to hear as she was 6 month pregnant .
Later when i got home it was in the Fb that the same lady happens to be a colleague of another friend of Sh Loon and the others in Tourism Malaysia. Such a small world. I told Nora, life is too short and we never know when we will be called by Allah the almighty. Yesterday too we received news that our former lecturer in UITM En Muhammad Muda passed away. To the bereaved family may Allah gives them the strength to go through this phase of their life.
Late morning i attended an Aqiqah ceremony of a neighbor for his 2 month old daughter  . I have not mingle with my neighbors for a long long time. I only see them while in the car driving out to classes or coming home from somewhere , hi here and hi there. Last time we used to converge at my place every saturday when we have our morning "pengajian" with Uztaz Zulkifli  with Kitab Al Azkar. But after almost 8 months he got very busy and could not continue the program at my place. Getting a good ustaz who can do a weekend program is not easy.I choose weekend so that some of my neighbors who are still working can attend at least1 class in a week. When the class stops, we see less of each other and later when i started my travels, it was unbelievable. I missed a lot of gatherings @ Laman Sanur, the place are where i am living. We have quite an active community with lots of makan makan & also programs for kids . However i do communicate with some on Fb or through Sms . We have to make efforts too.
I feel blessed to have good neighbors like Ros & Agus, Noraliza Ali, Nani & Fazli, Shidah & Roslan, Dora & Tab, Fairuz & Yati, Yati & Mushrique, Kak Nab & Abg Rahim, Fiza , and many more.

Another good neighbor i have is Nani Ijud which stays nearby to where i was renting before moving to Laman Sanur. She was my Pasar Tani buddy and we used to have breakfast together after we finished our purchases. She will be my informer if the fish monger is coming or not and whether there are prawns or good fish for us. Ha ha ha, This Eid Adha i was still not in the mood to cook ,as i  just returned from Turkey for 3 days . I decided to cook only Chicken Curry and bought longtong daun from our normal place in Meru. When  Nani she heard that i had visitors coming over , she packed almost half a tub of prawn sambal plus  a kilo of fresh prawn & precooked sambal just incase i need more. Subhanallah! Masyaallah! where can i get a good neighbor like this. Ros came after Eid prayer with i basket of Sayur lodeh, sambal sotong, ikan masin sambal and some ketupat. Earlier she gave us chicken pies which only need to be warmed up in the oven. Wonderful neighbors i have, Alhamdulillah. Pening kepala kalau dapat jiran yang tak bercampur orang! Jauhkan lah nasib saperti itu.

So today it was a day of catching up stories with neighbors & friends. Alhamdulillah i am blessed with wonderful people around me. Wassallam

Mana Mana ASk Pipah!

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