Monday, 12 November 2012

Double Wedding in my Kampung, Kuala Kangsar

The new Railway station building in KK

Hanifah & Zurina busy getting the brides ready before the Akad 

Aiman meeting Kak Nab for the first time

Some of  my siblings that grew up together in Kuala Kangsar

Timah & her lovely daughters

The all time favorite salad at a Malay wedding

We received news that 2 daughters of my younger brother were getting married and it was going to be a small do at our kampung in Kuala Kangsar. Whenever its going to be a drive back home i developed a phobia of the massive traffic jam on the highway . We don't take holidays when people are on holidays but we had no choice but to take a trip to Kuala Kangsar. We drove on Friday, 9th Nov and it was the last day of school but Alhamdulillah traffic was good and we arrived early in this royal town where i grew up with my 9 brothers & sisters from the Malaysian wives of my late father. I have 7 more from his Indonesian wives which he had married while on transit from Turkey, long time ago, ha ha ha.

I was looking forward to meet most of the siblings as normally its at a wedding or at funeral do we have a chance to meet most of the relatives. School holidays has started so most of the nieces & nephews would be able to gather too.

Going back to KK or Kuala or Kuala Kangsar will always bring back fond memories of the time we had during school days especially or Raya trips. To some its their favorite food that they will be looking forward to. In KK they will be looking for Laksa Kuala, or Laksa Pak Ngah,Cendol which is not the same like those days, or maybe just simple local kueh like Apam Beras, or Putu Pulut or maybe having lunch at home with some lovely Masak Lemak & Ikan Pekasam or just spending breakfast at their favorite Kopitiam Yut Loy!

Beside the food, driving up the Bukit Chandan area is a must do activity. Admiring the beautiful Ubudiah Mosque which has been in the Tourism Malaysia posters & brochures ever since the department has been set up . It has the unique onion shape dome and so is the charming Istana Iskandariah. Personally, it is still the best designed Palace in Malaysia. Then the ritual drive round Bukit Residence  area where my former secondary school is located. The Government English Girl School  was the former  residence of the British Resident of Perak, Sir Hugh Low and hence the name Bukit Residen. Perched on a hill it commands a beautiful view of the Perak River and the villages along the river.

For us in the family , we went for our favorite noodles outlet by the river side as usual. As time was so limited with a Khenduri at night before the wedding, we went straight home to help around but in  actually fact to catch up stories with the siblings was the main intention. By the time we arrived 2 of my brothers & wives  were already there .

Later in the evening when it was time for Khenduri i had a wonderful time catching up stories with many of my late mom's friends who were mostly the neighbors. Even the caterer too was a good friend of my mom. As usual, everyone commented how prosperous i am now he he he, referring to my size but off course i don't feel insulted as i am so used to such remarks. Kak Rahimah the caterer was working in the hospital before she retired 7 years ago and she was close to my mom and at one time when i stayed in KK for a while after i got back from KK (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah) we were doing Tupperware together. It was so nice to meet & talk to friends of my late mom. I gave her a book as a present and she was so thrilled and she would give it to her husband, Abg Rashid who likes to read. Well you can never go wrong if you present someone with books & I am glad they like it.

The following day the wedding itself went smoothly. Just a simple Akad Nikah at our Masjid and later adjourn to our home for a small makan2. Before the Nikah, more siblings arrived from KL and also relatives and close friends from Ipoh ,Seremban, Singapore. Some could not make it because of prior engagements but however i was very happy as we had the chance  to take some photos which we rarely have the opportunity.

At the wedding, i managed to meet and catched up with more friends of my mom, my school mates  who are also my active Fb friends. 3 of them the friend i have not seen more than 30 years and it was so wonderful. My Wan Chor , who is my eldest surviving aunty from mom's side was there and she came despite her sickly condition. Looking at her reminds me so much of my mom.

Alhamdulillah the weather was so kind to us and it only rained after most have gone home and as for myself and family we continued our journey to Penang .

 To my 2 newly married nieces ," Aunty doakan kebahagian dunia & akhirat & semoga menjadi isteri2 yang solehah. Allahumma Amin Amin"

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